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Our School Policy


Application for enrolment is available before the commencement of each school year and term.


School fees are based in US Dollars. All fees are due before the first day of school after which time fees will incur a surcharge. Payments can be made by cheque, transfers, direct deposit and/or cash. Fees are to be paid in full, irrespective of number of days absent for that term.



All children need two extra set of clothes including underwear. We ask that you label each item. We strongly recommend that you send your child to school with clothing that may get splattered, gooey or dirty. (Aprons for art are provided).

Usually, being messy means that your child is learning something new, or creating a work of art or just having a good time. 


Open-toed shoes or sandals are appropriate, but we do suggest closed shoes on their P.E. days.


If your child is wearing diapers, we suggest either a diaper is sent in every day with wipes or a bag of diapers can be sent in to be used accordingly. 

Birthday Party

Parents wishing to celebrate their child's birthday with their classmates, should contact their child's teacher with at least a week's notice to make arrangements. Only short celebrations will be accommodated during the day to preserve our learning time. Following our healthy eating policy, we discourage cakes with heavy icings. Please ask us for ideas on some healthy birthday celebration alternatives. 



At Little Beaumont, we encourage healthy eating. Sodas, sweets and chewing gum are not allowed. Each child must bring a bottle of water to school every day. This bottle will move around with the child as he/she rotate from activity to activity. 

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